Since 2015 this AEC firm’s Branded Interiors program has brought their brand story and values to life throughout their national and international offices. 

Photos Courtesy of Burns & McDonnell

Role: Art Director, Graphic Designer

Client: Burns & McDonnell

Logo: Typically centered behind a reception desk, the brand logo is the first mark employees and visitors will see.
Mission Statement: This messaging is featured in premium conference rooms, lobbies and other client facing spaces.
Tagline: A message developed to inspire employee owners, this graphic is typically placed in training rooms, collaboration spaces and common areas.
Project Photos: These custom, formed aluminum frames display an office’s most impactful projects.
MacCulture Principles: These principles reflect who the employee owners are, their fundamental philosophy and what they strive for in the future.
Regional Spotlight: A portfolio favorite, this graphic features landmarks and cultural icons specific to the office’s location.
Safety: Preventing workplace injury in the office or on a jobsite is top priority. This graphic is a reminder to employee owners why they stay safe every day.
Ampersand: Utilized as a subtle brand mark or a featured pop of color, this graphic comes in a variety of forms to fit the style and finishes of any office.
Honors: Offices can choose to enhance this display with office specific awards or display the company wide selection.
Conference Room Names: Offices can choose a theme that resonates with their culture and expand on that with written content on a featured frame in the room.
Industry Leaders and Local Global: This messaging can either be paired together or installed separately. The local panel features office specific contributions.
History Highlights: A redesign of the original Our Story graphic, this piece showcases the most important historical milestones company wide and office specific.
Brand Artwork: Available in a wide array of colors and designs these add extra color and interest to smaller spaces and hallways.
Custom Installations: (Top Left) vinyl wrapped surf boards (Top Right) acoustical paneling in a premium conference room (Bottom Left) vinyl wrapped acrylic adhered to architectural i-beams (Bottom Right) dimensional felt tiles with pin mounted acrylic letters

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